Re-engineering Talk
PC Tech Magazine, East Africa May 2011
Authors: Nilofar Shamim Ansher
Editorial: If you asked me about it back in February, I’m sure I wouldn’t have preferred to read either of the words, Facebook or Twitter in our cover story – let alone on the cover. In that magazine, we discussed issues of Internet Freedom, with our key focus on what some writers called the “digital revolution” of Egypt. As predicted, that revolution would have far more lasting implications on…

Upcoming Career! Social Media Marketing in India
Careers360 – Print Magazine | September 2010
Authors: Nilofar Shamim Ansher
: Companies are using Twitter, Blogs, Facebook and other social media to promote their products and services. Explore these new-age job profiles…What is important is to have a fundamental feel for repartee, being able to feel the position of a brand in the marketplace, being able to empathize from a consumer’s point of view, and create conversations on behalf of the brand, with that perspective.”


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