Why Mondays Don’t Have to be Blue. Embrace Monday Happiness!

Hate Mondays? Don’t relish the thought of waking up and getting on with the work day? Break the Monday Blues pattern and embrace a happy, healthy, positive Monday! Here’s how.Happy Monday!

Dear Reader,

Another Monday gone by and another productive, busy, packed day for me! I am a morning person as well as a Monday person. Unlike many of my friends and colleagues who sing the Monday Blues, I am among the rare species who actually look forward to Monday! Here are my top 5 reasons:

1. The Beginning of Possibilities

Mondays are for making and renewing promises to myself and committing to promises made to others. Mondays are when I dream of possibilities and imagine what a lovely week it’s going to turn out to be! The first day of the week is when I look forward to new experiences, forgive my old transgressions, and renew pledges and resolutions (yes, including the now old promise of becoming a regular at the gym and cutting down on sugar and butter). I am most optimistic on Mondays as I have let go of the excesses of the weekend and decide to remake myself in a new manner, with altered habits and lessons learnt from yesterday. There’s something so promising about a Monday.

2. Rise and Shine With a Clean Slate

I have always woken up on Mondays with a clean slate. I let go of the embarrassing moments, misunderstandings, the mistakes, and slights. I also let go of disappointments and anxieties. I don’t allow any misgivings carry forward into the new week. On similar lines, I also don’t dwell on the excesses and indulgences of the week that just went by. I try and look at the happy times, pleasures, excursions into new places and experiments with new cuisines as a blessing and don’t yearn or expect the good times to keep rolling. Mondays are like a cleansing routine, just like my monthly salon ritual, and by default the clock is reset on to a fresh page.

3. Get to Catch Up With the World

Weekends I am usually out, pottering about my city (Mumbai) and catching a play, concert, performance, stand-up act, latest blockbuster, and trying out a new restaurant, while I sniff the flowers, pet a dog and giggle with neighborhood kids. I don’t read the news or follow any social media updates. I am usually cut off from the information bubble and take an effort to not consume anything irrelevant (gossip, crime, advertorials, advertisements). Mondays is when I log into my work system (my laptop) and roll with the info-flow. I begin by checking my emails, RSS feeds, Google alerts, listicles, Twitter mentions and trending news, and a cornucopia of textual, visual and aural stimuli. I relish it and I am in a fresh state of mind to deal with the barrage.

4. I Love Creating a To Do List

Monday is the day I make most of my ‘to-do’ lists. Yes, I love ticking off check boxes and running a bold, digital, horizontal line through completed tasks. Mondays are for planning, plotting, thinking, strategizing, and making notes along the margin about stuff you want to accomplish, people you would like to meet, deals that have to be sealed, and breakthroughs that you want to achieve. Taking stock of how the week is going to pan out is the first step to visualizing possibilities. Nothing is more satisfying and fulfilling than devoting time to organizing the week ahead.

5. Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Unless you begin by setting benchmarks, you won’t accomplish and fulfill your needs and desires. Monday is when I push myself to go that extra mile, be more productive, and get the boring, mundane tasks cleared up (oh yeah, just paid the mobile bill!). There’s less expectation placed on us during any given Monday – most of us are just expected to show up to work! Maximize this space and get a head start. This could be a simple chore that you agreed to do at home, or an Analytics report that your boss needs by mid-week. Set your pace, build your rhythm and lead Monday to a lovely, energetic, optimistic dance move.

How can you turn around your “Monday Morning Blues” into a “Happy, Jazzy Monday”? Do you relate to what I have written? I would love to hear from you!



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