Day Trip to Malshej, Maharashtra

It’s a trait shared by the most avid travelers: we explore all corners of the world, but somehow end up neglecting our own cities or local places of interest. I have lived in Mumbai for 30 years and haven’t really seen much of the coastal belt or smaller cities of Maharashtra. Last week, I joined a bunch of travelers to check out a place called Malshej.

Day trip to Malshej Ghats

Malshej is a mountain pass in the Western Ghats range of Maharashtra, roughly 150 km from Mumbai. It’s famous for its waterfalls, the Shivneri Fort, a lake, and beautiful scenery.

Scenic views on the way to Malshej

The perfect time to visit Malshej is during the monsoon season; the waterfalls overflow and the entire journey is breezy and pleasant!

View from the top of the valley

Malshej can be covered in a day trip and is best explored by car or mini-bus. Take along plenty of drinking water, lunch, snacks, and other picnic paraphernalia. There are spots to just sit and enjoy the view, for instance, at the Shivneri Fort.

Shivneri Fort

When it pours cats and dogs during the monsoon season, the 15-odd sprinkler-to 50-feet-high waterfalls are a sight to behold. It’s exhilarating to stand under the waterfalls, with the water pounding your back, head and shoulders.

waterfalls at malshej   under the waterfalls waterfalls at malshej

What are some of the places in Maharashtra that you have visited or would like to see? Share your suggestions and travel moments in the comments below. Follow me on Twitter @culture_curate.

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