If machines were to play curators, circa 3051

Piecing together puzzles is an innate human quality. We don’t know another way of being except to be explorers and wayfarers. Humans by nature are curators, picking and choosing tales that come woven with clues, directions to places where other tales can be picked up, and tugging along with us companions who can share and retell our stories. From the first who walked this earth to the one who will follow us, lies an unbroken chain of tales detailing what was and the possibilities in time ahead. History is a thick, heavy, iron casket, and our creations are the key to unlocking it, and in turn, us.


Puppets on Display

In this post I talk about curatorial practices of a museum, the invisible multitudes who don’t get represented in a museum, including persons with disabilities, and how our machine descendants would curate their ancestors, us, circa 3051.

“It’s too late to just say no” –
Allen Buchanan, Better Than Human (2011)

“History is written by the victors” – Anon

/ Part 1
Curating is an art, or so the curators from across the museums of the world would have us ordinary gawkers believe. Since art and any form of creative output, including textile, architecture, music, and other material and visual remains, come from the Chthonic neural caves of the most eccentric (and rarefied) of us on earth – the artists – the rest of us billions can at best be thankful for this curatorial culling (Yes, thank you for helping us choose what is best for our viewing…

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